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Help identify future
outbreaks of invasive pests

Linking research, outreach and communication activities to create a network of volunteer “citizen scientists”


Identify and map areas of Michigan at high risk of invasive forest pest establishment. This includes the risk assessment of international, domestic and recreational pathways of invasions.


Facilitate early detection of major invasive forest pests by establishing the statewide Eyes on the Forest sentinel tree program. This includes the development of a spatial and temporal record encompassing sentinel trees and surveys conducted by regulatory officials and scientists.


Communicate risks and impacts associated with invasive forest pests to a range of target audiences. This includes the development/enhancement of web-based public reporting of suspect insects or symptomatic trees.

Our Talented Team

Julie Crick

Oscar Castaneda

Claire Peterson

Deb McCullough

Amos Ziegler

The impact of exotic invasive species on our forests in the U.S. is staggering. Effects of these unwanted invaders can affect human and ecosystem health, forest products, property values and outdoor recreation opportunities.